Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Thinking Back On The 2012 Founder's Day Celebration

So, how did the Founder's Day Celebration go this past Saturday? That's the question I've been meaning to answer for the past few days.

In short, I would describe the event as WELL DONE. From the decorations to the food, I believe the chapter did a GREAT job executing the plan. For that I am extremely thankful.

The day all started around 2:30 pm when I arrived at the Clayton Center. The chapter brothers of Smithfield Alumni were asked to arrive a bit early in order to help setup and get things organized.

While I waited for the others to arrive, I took a few minutes to check out the building. From what I understand, the city completely remodeled the old high school into a beautiful meeting spot where local artists displayed their pieces on the open brick wall.

How did they keep this place hidden for so long?

Over the next few hours, the chapter transformed the meeting room into a banquet hall with crimson and creme table cloths, flowers, and a diamond centerpiece.

Just outside the meeting hall is where the All Blakk Affair took place. We used all three and a half floors to our advantage and dressed up tables with black table clothes and trays of food.

Founder's Day Celebration
The first event of the evening was Founder's Day. Scheduled for two hours, we invited the surrounding chapters to join our regional celebration.

Last year Fayetteville hosted it, this year was our turn.

As the brothers began to arrive, I knew it was going to be a grand affair. First off, we had the Province Polemarch (Carlos Watson, Esq.) in the building, but we also had two past Province Polemarchs in attendance (William Hooker and Melvin Pierce).

Beyond that, we had an impressive list of good brothers that joined us for the annual event. It was an honor and a privilege to host the celebration for these Kappas.

All Blakk Affair
Immediately following the Founder's Day Celebration, the members broke down the meeting room and prepared for the social. For many of us, this meant delivering trays of food to the tables, lighting candles, and setting up the bottles of wine and beer. For the V.I.P. tables, this meant bottles of champagne and other goodies.

Around 9 pm, the guests started arriving. At first, it was just a few people. Then, within the next hour and a half, a larger majority of attendees arrived.

Dressed in all black and wearing their finest clothes, many took the opportunity to dance and socialize with each other. To some, it was a reunion. To others, it was just a fun night to relax.

In all, we guesstimate around 130+ attendees at the All Blakk Affair. It was fun.

What's Next?
 At this point, we're going to regroup and discuss the event. What went good? What could we have done better?

All in all, I'm very pleased with how the night transpired. It was great spending time with the brothers and celebrating the night with friends. Hopefully, we can do it again soon. 

If you missed the event, take a look the photo gallery below.

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