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Live Blogging C3 Church: Imagine The Vision

This weekend, Pastor Matt Fry returns to the pulpit for Super Vision Weekend at C3 Church. Stay tuned during the 11:15 am service (EST) for a live blog of the sermon. Refresh this page during the hour for a regularly updated post.

If you would like to view the service online, please click here.

Seven Key Phrases
Foundational scripture Ephesians 3:20-21 (MSG)

In this message, there are Seven Key Phrases and then Pastor Matt talks about the two year vision for C3 Church.

First Phrase: God Can Do
The beginning of success starts with, "God can do!" Some people walk around with an arrogant attitude saying, "I can do it all by myself." Others say that, "We can't do." Your attitude will affect your life.

In an airplane there is an attitude indicator that determines the altitude. So to put it another way, our attitude affects our altitude in life. Make sure that you have a God Can Do attitude.

Surround yourself with other people who have a positive attitude and that believe that God Can Do. Maybe there needs to be a relationship shift. Remember, we become like those we hang around. So, pick positive people.

You know we have a built in attitude indicator, he's called the Holy Spirit.

Second Phrase: Anything
God can do anything. Nothing is impossible for Him. There are no limits for Him. He's all powerful. There are no limits for his grace. We can do anything through Christ.

Third Phrase: Far More
God can do FAR MORE than what we can imagine. Imagine the most awesome thing that God can do for your life, business, kid's life, ministry, future, or church family. God says that he can do far more than that. Why? Because there is no limit to his power. Our God is a powerful God. He wants to do big things and He is looking for those who want to partner with him.

Pastor Matt encourages all to live life FAR MORE than we could ever imagine.

Jesus talks about living a second mile life. Going the first mile is expected, but God loves it when people go beyond the expected. When Jesus died on the cross, he went the second mile for us.

Tithing, going to church, attending a connect group is great, but how can you go even further? God wants us to live a life above and beyond the bare minimum.

Fourth Phrase: By Working Within Us
God always works from the inside out. Man wants to work from the outside in. Religion works from the outside in, but a relationship with Jesus works from the inside out.

There is a gentle working from the inside out. The church just got off a 21 day Daniel fast. That fast worked from the inside out.

Greater is he that is in me than he that is in the world.

Fifth Phrase: Glory To God In The Church
God loves it when people give him glory. The church is not the building but the people who are within the church. There are two institutions: Church and family.

Sixth Phrase: Glory To God The Messiah, Jesus!
When people see us, see how are our lives have changed, and then say, "Hmmmmmm, that doesn't make sense!"

Matt talks about a recent high school reunion and they asked him what he was doing. When the answer is, "He is a pastor" they say, "Hmmmmm, that doesn't make sense."

In another story, Pastor tells the story about C3 Church and how it is successful in the middle of a tobacco farm. The only way to explain it is Jesus. That's why God used ordinary people, because it's not about the man but what God has done.

It's all about Jesus, let's give him all the glory.

Seventh: Glory To God Through All The Generations
God not only wants to work in your generation but in many generations. We shouldn't only focus on one generation, we should look at many generations. If not, the church will die a slow death. We have to focus on our kids and the kids that follow.

When we make decisions, let's not worry only about ourselves but worry about how our decisions will affect the kids.

The Vision: Imagine
In a video, Pastor Matt delivers the church's two year vision.

Attack the Debt
Matt is referring to the worship center and the debt incurred to build on the campus.

Development the Campus
This includes upgrades to the multi-purpose center, the children's area, and other campus enhancements. The long term vision is a dream center that can positively affect lives in our area.

[Pastor Matt comes back on stage] He talks about the Dream Center in California and the girl's program in Lima, Peru. Lives are being changed in these places.

One day Pastor Matt would like to have a Dream Center here in North Carolina. To the best of his knowledge, there isn't one in the state. What does God want? he prays.

That prayer reminds him of another prayer made years earlier about C3 Church. Look at where we are today.

In prayer, God told Matt that he needs to focus on two things: Attacking the debt and developing the campus.

How soon will God work? He doesn't know, but in two months we're going to have a celebration to initiate the start of our Imagine campaign. The campus is currently valued at $18 million dollars and the church owes about half of that.

Do You Need A Fresh Start?
If you would like to make a fresh start in your life and receive God's love, pray this prayer:
Dear God, I realize I've sinned and I need you. Thank you for dying on the cross and rising from the grave. Come in to my heart and save me. Thank you for giving me eternal and abundant life. Help me to live for you, for the rest of my life. In Jesus' name. Amen.
To share your story, want more information about next steps, or just in need of prayer, please contact Pastor Matt Fry.


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