Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Catching The Little Things

I just left a meeting with consultants who have been contracted to help design the University's web strategy and governance model. As they prepare for a special meeting this afternoon, they ran through their PowerPoint presentation with a select few.

My first observation is that they've captured a lot of the little things that easily go unnoticed; however, when you put all of those little things together, it quickly adds up to something more substantial.

This caused me to think about how easy it is to catch the little things in life, but save them somewhere for later use.

In the case of the consultants, they used the small discoveries to tell a story about the University's current state of affairs. For the rest of us, we can follow suit and apply it in a number of areas. Consider using your blog, video, audio, or camera to capture the small ideas. Then, as time goes on, build on those ideas to construct a more comprehensive body of work.

What Are Examples Of Small Ideas?

  • Quote you heard someone say
  • A thought initiated from a book, movie, podcast, or blog
  • A picture perfect view
  • An outfit you see someone wearing
  • An interior design from a friend's house
Let these, and other small ideas, be the seed that helps you grow a more complete product.

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