Saturday, August 18, 2012

WorldVentures Regional Training: Scott Ross

Speaker: Scott Ross

The Secret

You have to "decide to win." Nobody woke up this morning knowing they were going to see WorldVentures. If you were like most people, we came with our arms crossed. As the presentation went forward, we started to lean forward and really into it. At the end of that presentation, you said, "I'm going to give it a shot!"

If you "give it a shot" than you will lose at this business. That is very much like a hope to win. It's like a lottery ticket. To WIN, you have to DECIDE TO WIN!

Good things come to those who WAIT! Money doesn't grow on TREES! These things are programmed into our lives.

Remember, you were born for greatness. Each of us, were programmed to be workers. The education system is a joke.

Here is how you know that you were programmed to lose. You're in school, take a test, and get only 70% of the answers right. This gives you a grade of C minus. This means you are not above average.

In this business, if you get 70% than you are doing EXCELLENT! Remember, you are a Kings Kid. You are destined to be a winner.

Some of us hide behind the programming that we are not a Carlos Rogers, Dwayne Lodge, and Brian Dunivant. No, you are YOU!

Some of us hope that we will find the right one to join our business. What Scott believes is that HE IS THE RIGHT ONE! This is the time to OWN, not RENTING your life. The day you decide your life is going to change, is the day that you decide to take control over your life.

You are where you are because of the decisions you made in your life.

Anyone who tells you that you need them is telling you a lie. You + GOD = Majority

Decision means to cut off from. Some of us have a foot in WorldVentures and a foot in something else. This does NOT mean to quit your job. It means to go all in with WorldVentures. Remember, a double-minded man is unstable in all of his ways. Get off the fence!

Unconscious Incompetent

In the beginning of our lives, we don't know what we don't know. As kids, we didn't know that we were supposed to eat our food with utensils.

Conscious Incompetent

At this phase of our lives, we learn that we need to eat with a spoon and fork. Although, we may not want to do it.

Conscious Competent

At this point of our lives, we tried to eat with a spoon or fork, but it didn't work. So, we through the spoon aside.

Unconscious Competent

This is where we can eat without thinking about it. It's like riding a bike. How many can jump on a bike and ride without thinking about it.

How did you know a bike worked? Because we saw someone riding on one.

As kids, we'd ask our parents for a bike. We get a bike with training wheels. In the beginning, I couldn't ride a bike. A bike is a SCAM. I tried a bike once and it didn't work.

One day, despite the injuries, you got back on the bike. Why? Because all of your friends are riding bikes. In life, you keep hanging around broke friends who are satisfied with their lives. You NEED to find some new friends who will help you see the world differently.

In the process of getting skills, you will fall down, you will hurt yourself, and get wounds. You have to decide to be a bike rider, to be a free man, to make decisions in your life.

It didn't matter to him who was going with him, he DECIDED that he was going to build this thing. Decide to be a winner.


You have to take these skills and practice them. 

Scott is a finisher. We have a lot of starters, but very few people finish. Men finish, boys start.

Step 1: You Need A List
The longer the list, the more psychologically strong you are. If you put 300 

You need at least 30 personals to succeed in this business. 

Step 2: You Need Players (ACES)
We are looking for ACES. You are putting people on the list that you are above (people that you influence). Try going for those people who are both A) You need to know these people well. B) You need to be a driven person or super party animals.

If you are bringing people who are comfortable with being comfortable then they are the wrong person. These people don't want anything in life. Why would they want WorldVentures. Look for people who want more out of life.

The way we invite the ACES is through a text message (two-step invite). Remember, we need to duplicate. With the telephone, people freeze. The four-step invite is cool, but people cannot do it well. The more duplicatable method is a text message.

"Could you do coffee this week?" (the bucket) How many people can you text this week? With a text, you just got a 100% return on the invite. 

You could also text, "You gonna be home today?" 

For those out of town, "Can you get in front of your computer today (tomorrow)?...Cool, I'll call you." The secret with out of town folks, is that we need to stay in control. Don't send the link via text. Instead, tell them the URL over the phone. Don't hang up the phone, just put it on speaker!" That way you never lose control of the situation. 


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