Friday, June 14, 2013

Dear Network Marketers: What In The World Are You Doing?

Last night, after attending the Man of Steel premiere at the Regal Cinemas Brier Creek in Raleigh, North Carolina. I had an unexpected and thought-provoking conversation with a friend who works at the theater.

The discussion began with a review of the movie, but then quickly led to a tour of the upstairs projector room. As a lover of technology, I found the tour to be quite impressive. However, it wasn't the technology that made our conversation memorable. No, it was the heartfelt story that he shared with me that left a long-lasting impression.

In short, my friend opened up about his life and the challenges that he has faced over the years. Much of who he has become today, good or bad, was the result of his past. Isn't that true of us all? I recall learning years ago that "the boy is the father to the man."

As my friend brought his tale to an end, he made it a point to express gratitude for the business that we're in and the people we've surrounded ourselves with. What keeps him going when times get tough are all the positive friendships and words of encouragement that he receives on a daily basis.

At that very moment, I began to think of the work we do and how we are ultimately helping people to change their lives for the better. Thanks to our company's culture, we help people experience more fun, freedom, and fulfillment.

  • Fun can be the byproduct of surrounding yourself with great people that enjoy doing what you like doing.
  • Freedom has many meanings, but I see it as a way to live a life without slavery to debt or a career that you hate. Financial freedom, time freedom, and the freedom of choice is a great way to live.
  • Fulfillment is the feeling of accomplishment. The state of being fulfilled can come through service to others or through achieving your goals.

How Are We Helping Others?

Spending that hour with my friend helped me see the value of network marketing and the "doing life together" approach that it promotes. However, I couldn't finish this post without first highlighting a few takeaway thoughts and action items.

Be A Storyteller

The answer to the question, "How are we helping others?" became clear while my friend shared his story with me. See, in the industry of network marketing, personal development is what leads to both financial and personal success. The act of working on the inner (wo)man leads to empowerment, confidence, and a bunch of other rewards. For my friend, and for us too, sharing his story openly with the world may serve as the bridge between where he is today and where he wants to go tomorrow.

As business owners and independent representatives of a network marketing company, our role is to share "the message" with others. To do so, we need to talk with people. We need to tell our stories and the stories of those who are succeeding.

Be Vulnerable

Up until this conversation with my friend, my story was very much guarded and safe. Today, I have come to understand the importance of being open and vulnerable. Regardless of how it might look or what others might say about me, one of the biggest reasons people venture into network marketing is to change their lives for the better. Therefore, we need to express the magnitude of our transformations by being willing to share our fears, hopes, challenges, and successes.

Additionally, by giving a piece of ourselves, we not only create a connection between our audience, as they may have a similar experience, but we also help ourselves relax, relate, and release. Think of it like a support group. Each time we tell our story, we slowly let go of the past and learn to move on. Beyond that, one never knows what people are struggling with in their lives and how our journey may be the one thing that changes everything for them.

You're Helping, Not Hurting

One final thought about sharing "the message" with people is that some believe we're just trying to sell a product or service. What I have come to realize is that we're really offering people a chance to find hope and a better life. What network marketing has become for me is a company offering a product with personal development at its core.

Let me ask you this question, "If you had the cure for ending cancer or AIDS, would you share it or hoard it?" I believe the answer most would give is to SHARE it. So it is with "the message." Think of your effort as providing a life-changing solution to someone's wants, needs, and desires. Let's not hoard the goodness by keeping it solely for ourselves, but let's be passionate about sharing it with others. Cool?

"You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want." ~ Zig Ziglar


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