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Building A Team? Start With A Recognizable Symbol

Yesterday, while sitting in a fraternity meeting, I noticed that we members are extremely passionate about being apart of the bond. From the stories that we tell to the songs that we sing, membership for us has truly become a lifestyle. With our fathers, uncles, brothers, and cousins having joined the organization, why wouldn't the men in our family follow suit?

Then, I started thinking about my WorldVentures team, Team Diamond. How do I bottle up the love, passion, culture, and memories developed in Kappa Alpha Psi and apply the same lessons to Team Diamond?

People Want To Be Apart Of Something

To begin, I realized pretty quickly that people want to be a part of something that they can believe in. They want to join something that shares like values and dreams. Be it a fraternity, social organization, church, or any other group, people want to be a part of a whole.

A Symbol To Stand Behind 

So, if people want to join something, how does one know what's available? I believe the answer lies initially in the brand or symbol that represents the group.

For members of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, we have a number of symbols. We have the diamond with a "K" or we have the word NUPE or NUPES. When people see those words and symbols, they immediately associate the person with the brand of Kappa. Therefore, by wearing a t-shirt with a logo or symbol, one says that I believe and subsequently associate with the members of this organization. That's powerful!

In WorldVentures, we have a company logo. However, I am also aware that there are numerous teams within the company. Each team may represent a region of the country, a specific leader, or a cause. Members who believe what the team believes wear the paraphernalia (or nalia, for short) with pride. It's powerful to watch.

Similarly, Kappa men wear nalia all the time. We not only wear the brand of the organization, but we also wear nalia that represents our chapter (or team). This could be as general as the chapter or as specific as the year one became a member. Either way, there is an association that people relate to.

Begin With Leader(s)

Knowing that teams exist, how does one begin? In my mind, it begins with a leader or leaders. Someone who wants change to happen or will help guide others down the same road of success, whatever that means to you. This could be more money, more fun, or more fulfillment.

Establish a Symbol That Represents The Group

Like my fraternity and business, we need a symbol to identify with. This symbol, when recognized, will help bring team members together and advertise to non-members that an association exists. Outsiders may not understand what the symbol means or even how to join, but it is a start.

Grow The Brand

As members join, leaders should invite new people to buy in to the organization. This may initially happen with a t-shirt or other associative paraphernalia. It also includes the adoption of accepted behavior and other norms. As a member of this group, we expect a certain level of behavior. Some call it protocol and etiquette.

Use the visual brand on websites, letterhead, business cards, hats, sweatshirts, Facebook, and any place where people can see the sign. The more we use it, the more people want to use it, too. The more influential its members, the more influential the people wanting to join will be. 

Live Up To The Hype

Up until this point, the idea was to create a brand or association that people can stand behind. Well, it's one thing to attract people, but it's something else to keep them. 

While I don't have any written documentation, I can tell you that people join stuff and people quit stuff. It's just the way it goes. However, what I can tell you is that leaders encourage growth by living up to the hype. What does this mean? It means showing people what you're about but then also living what you believe.

If we're supposed to be about having fun and traveling within WorldVentures, then we need to keep it up. As a team, this should be priority number one. 

Know and be able to recite the core values of the organization. What do we believe? Let's make sure we demonstrate that each and every everything that we do.

The Birth of Team Diamond

With all of that written, let me share with you the main reasons for this post. One, it is to announce the purchase of Team Diamond t-shirts. Within a week, I should have in my hot little hands a tangible representation of the team we're building. On the front, it'll read, "Team Diamond." On the back, "Achievement At Its Highest Level."

For me, this is just the beginning of our marketing campaign. Not only will these t-shirts begin to identify members, but it also represents those who believe what we believe. We believe in having fun. We believe in providing financial freedom, time freedom, and the freedom to chose. Lastly, we believe in aiding the individual with living a fulfilling life of success and charity.

Two, this post will simply serve as a starting place for change. It's a moment in time where put a line in the sand and decide to achieve at the highest level. We are apart of the WorldVentures, Team Vision, Team S.W.A.G.G., and now Team Diamond.

To get more information about the Fun & Money Club (and join Team Diamond), simply follow the links below. To secure your own t-shirt, hit me up at


I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject. What do you think is important when developing a team, club, organization, or group? How do you encourage group? Leave me a comment in the section below.


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