Friday, September 26, 2014

How to Live a Sufficient Life

"It comes TO you to go THROUGH you." - Lee Dominique, Pearls of the King

Good morning, Champions!

Each one of us has been given desires of the heart. This passion for life is our driving force to accomplish some amazing things.

With that written, our purpose isn't just for personal gain, but for what we can also do for others. We receive SUFFICIENTLY so that we can give ABUNDANTLY.

Take a moment to look at your knowledge, skills, abilities, and resources...what do you possess that you can give away? How can you help others achieve in life? For believers, how can we forward the call of the church?

Let's be good stewards of our gifts and talents. For when we are faithful with little, we prove that we can be faithful with much. Maximize what you have today and more will be given to you.

Make today great by giving more! Let's go.



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