Friday, December 26, 2014

It's Time to Hit the GO Button!

With two major food-filled holidays and a cruise behind me, it's time to get back into my regularly scheduled routine. It's time!

Reflecting on the break, I lost some of the gains that I fought for, but not anything massive. Thank goodness!

Internally, I'm weighing the benefits of staying the course, which means taking no breaks other than a brief breather at the end of a sprint, or allowing myself to totally recharge (as long as it takes).

Most of my life, I've subscribed to the sprint-total recharge mentality. Unfortunately, this also leads to a loss of momentum, which takes time and effort to recreate. There is also a feeling of jerkyness while I go from one extreme to the other. It has its advantages.

What I would like to do now is to give the other strategy my fullest attention and measure the results. This means, full out action until a specific date, brief breather, and then repeat. Rest periods are minimal, few days at best, followed by another all out sprint.

The key focus of this strategy is keeping momentum through an established daily routine. Once I begin, there is no stopping until I reach (or exceed) the goal. Then, it's rest, reset, and go again.

As I stand on the edge of this new game plan, I imagine it will produce some amazing results in my health, wealth, career, and relationships. I find that I am excited to begin, knowing that it will cost me both time and energy, but the results have to come.

In the next few minutes, I will push the internal GO button, which will reflect a massive all out action externally. The time is now to decide what you want out of life and then go after it like never before. Create momentum and then continue to add fuel to the fire.

It's GO TIME! Let's go get what we came for.



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