Thursday, December 4, 2014

Supplements for the Next 12-Week Body Transformation

"What supplements do you take while on the 12-week body transformation?"

That is a question that I get quite often while talking about my weight loss journey. In this post, let me share what I take and why. Ready? Let's go.

I'll start the introduction by moving from left to right (see picture).


I am not currently taking this product. Initially, I was interested in the product as a pre-workout. I wanted to kick start my energy and get a solid pump. To my surprise, the Elite Physique Vitapak provides a great product that offers a similar benefit.

GNC GenetixHD Elite Physique Vitapak

This 30-day supply contains a multi-vitamin, creatine 289, carb controller, thermogenic, CLA, and muscle recovery/joint support. I take this stack on a daily basis. The multi-vitamin gives you the vitamins you need while cutting out a variety of foods. This is important.

I only take the creatine on days that I'm strength training, but it's used to provide strength performance while in the gym. Lift more, see more results.

The thermogenic I take in the morning before my first cardio session. Essentially, this is a super effective fat burner that offers tons of energy and alertness (think coffee).

The CLA is a fatty acid that promotes fat metabolism, energy, and lean muscle tone.

ON Whey Protein

This is a HUGE container of Whey Protein that I take after a workout. Building muscles requires plenty of protein in your diet.

Modern BCAA

These branch-chain amino acids are really good for helping you keep your lean muscle mass while cutting. BCAA tells your body to find energy from your fat while protecting your muscles. Naturally, your body wants to borrow energy from muscles over fat, especially while we're limiting our intake through a strict meal plan.

GNC Probiotic

Keep your digestive tract clean and healthy by taking probiotics. I was first introduced to this after returning home from Mexico. Think of yogurt and the benefits of bacteria cultures. This helps with digestion. Consider the amount of food we're eating.


This supplement helps turn fat into energy, which supports weight loss.

Omega 3, 6, 9

Good fats, especially Omega 3's. Just an all around good supplement that fights and supports so much of your body. Great for weight loss.


Great for building muscle, recovery, and the immune system. Most protein powders contain Glutamine and other amino acids.

Final Thoughts

Yes, it looks like a lot of supplements and it's not always cheap acquire, but it does help with the weight loss, muscle growth, recovery, and overall health. Do understand that supplements are not a magic pill. You could take all the supplements in the world and never see the results you want.

The secret lies in the foods you eat and the activity you take. Supplements are simply a way to help facilitate your current activity and reach your goals.

I hope this information has been helpful. Let me know how I can help you further.


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