Monday, April 20, 2015

The Responsibility of Leadership

"Many in leadership positions talk about doing what's right. But only the true leaders actually do it." - Simon Sinek

During this weekend in Kansas City, I met so many new people and old friends alike who are celebrating successes with me. I have heard people talk positively about my efforts in the gym, with eating right, time management, traveling the world, leadership development, my business, hope dealing, writing the dissertation, parenthood, reading books, and serving in church.

First, it's humbling to know that so many people actually read and watch what I'm doing. Second, because I know people are watching and applying my lessons and experiences to their lives, I definitely feel the responsibility that comes with it.

To me, this responsibility means knowing what to do, doing it, sharing it with others, and then repeating the process.

As leaders, we are all fallible and bound to fall down, get weak, grow tired, make poor judgments, experience fear, and fail important tests in life, but leaders get back up and find the strength, courage, and fortitude to do what's right for the ones who follow as much as it is for self.

With that written, I want to thank all of you who take the time each day to read, watch, apply, and support. What you may not realize is that YOU inspire me to be my very best self. I know that if I can achieve in each of these areas, so can you.

As a team, I hope to pour life, hope, encouragement, direction, and support your way for when I'm down or off my game, you do the same.

Champions, let's make today a great day and go get what we came for.


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