Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Get Busy Living

I recall a time not long ago where I felt like my days were fully charged with purpose. I knew where I was going and exactly how to get there. Then, as we all learn at one time or another, life happens. There is something, or a group of somethings, that can throw you off course. If you've never experienced it, wait a little while longer and you will. Eventually, it happens to us all. Truth be told, it's not always just a single event, but for most of us, our lives are littered with distractions, events, problems, and opportunities that can, and often times do, move us from our path.

While I think we can do our best to avoid said distractions, I believe those very events are inevitable. Instead of trying to run from them, maybe we should embrace them as an opportunity to learn and grow. What can we take from these situations? What lessons should we garner?

As I think about my own journey, there is one lesson that has repeatedly shown itself to me. The lesson is, yep you guessed it, to stay busy.

Stay busy? you ask.

Yes, stay busy.

Idle Time

"On a mission your worst enemy is idle time." ~ Nipsey Hussle

During moments of idle time, I find that I feel unproductive and stagnant. Sure, a vacation and other planned periods of rest is perfectly fine (even encouraged), but I'm speaking about long stints of nothingness. It is during those times when we are not moving, creating, evolving, developing, organizing, building, progressing, learning, growing, or prospering that we are just dormant, slowly dying, wasting away, and decaying without purpose.

I've learned that I am at my best when moving. Having been still for too long, I recognize the cost. Trust me, there is a price that one pays when choosing, for whatever reason, to stop the momentum. There is a loss of self-worth because one is no longer doing the thing that brings value. One has the ability to contribute and yet does nothing.

I believe that God has given each of us a purpose in life. We have been equipped with skills and abilities perfectly suited to complete our mission. When we stop moving, we ultimately delay our rewards and return on investments. 

You Were Born to Run

It's time to light that fire and get back into the game of life. You're doing nobody any good by standing still while the entire world moves on without you. Yes, life happens, and it happens to us all, but now is the time to dust yourself off, realize that you are a champion, and there is much work still to do. It is in that process of running that you will find happiness, productivity, and purpose. 

"I can never worry 'bout the next man, been too busy focused on the next plan." ~ 6lack

Next Steps

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