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In May of 2012, I came to the realization that I had spent most of my adult years working toward building a successful career in the information technology field. This often meant long hours in the office or on the road. Whatever traveling I had done up to this point was really for work or a related organization. Where was the fun? I asked myself.

It was after a friend of mine introduced me to the Coolest Travel Club on the planet that I started doing those things that I always wanted to do like zip-lining, power snorkeling, swimming on exotic beaches, and eating delicious cuisines from around the world.

During my first year, I have surprisingly taken 9 vacations (Kansas City, Dallas, Miami, Las Vegas, Bahamas, Nashville, Denver, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and Tuskeegee) and met a bunch of new friends that enjoy doing the same. I can honestly tell you that if it weren't for this club, I wouldn't have been able to experience the kind of fun that I have.


Having fun was a no-brainer for me and I look forward to experiencing a lot more, but I was extremely limited by both time and money. As a result, I have always kept my eyes open for an opportunity to free up my time and make more money.

Over the years, that drive led me to start a number of business ranging from a record store to a web development firm. Unfortunately, neither of those really gave me significant time or financial returns that I wanted. In fact, they took more than they gave.

Thankfully, I have found a way to add more fun in my life, earn some extra money while maintaining my day job, and work toward a future filled with time and financial freedom. Doesn't that sound good? To learn more about how to make some additional money part-time or full-time Click Here!

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To get more information on the Coolest Travel Club and learn how you can become a member, click here. For those interested in making some extra money part-time or full-time, Click Here!.

I look forward to seeing you on the beaches of the world!

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