Saturday, August 15, 2009

Could Google Reader Become the Next Friendfeed?

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Thanks to Stefan Svartling and Hanna Wiszniewska, new friends in Google Reader, I just learned something new. As many of us know, Google Reader has made a number of changes this past week. One of my favorites, although I do not use, is the 'Send To' feature. Simply put, I can send Google Reader items to external pages like Twitter, Friendfeed, Posterous, Facebook, and many more. It seems the list of places I can send items is growing each day. To clarify, I do not use because I have Friendfeed set up to do the work for me.

Another popular feature is the 'Share' button. With one click, I can share an item with those who follow me on Reader and, with Friendfeed's help, those on other sites. The process allows me to offer my friends a plethora of interesting finds. That is all well and good, yes?

Well, Google Reader just got better, at least for me. This afternoon, I found that I can hold a conversation around an item or thought. What does that sound like to you? If you said, "Friendfeed" then we are on the same page.

By clicking on 'Comment view' under 'People you follow,' I can see a list of conversations made by Google Reader friends. This is such an exciting development that I had to share it with you. Be aware that you should begin this step by creating groups in Gmail's contact area, and then add your Google Reader friends in those freshly made groups. As I understand it now, and its a little foggy, doing this will allow your friends to see each others posts and ultimately hold conversations. Cool, huh?

With this new information, and existing Google Reader tools, I can continue to connect with friends and receive good information all at the same time. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

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