Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Get Satisfaction Struggles To Relaunch It's Overheard Feature

I am a big fan of Get Satisfaction. In fact, I recently wrote an article entitled, "Get More Feedback From Your Readers With Get Satisfaction" where I praise the company for its helpful tool.

One of the largest selling points of Get Satisfaction is its Overheard feature. In the article, I wrote the following:

"A cool feature within Get Satisfaction is the "Overheard" section. As an administrator, you can follow a hashtag on Twitter, say your company for example, and respond via Get Satisfaction. What the application will do is create a post, which you can then answer or address from within your dashboard. Upon completing a response within Get Satisfaction, the system will tweet a message to the user telling them about the new post. The few times I used "Overheard", I found the Twitter message to be quite professional and inviting. It can serve as a great customer service tool." 

Almost immediately after I wrote the blog, the Overheard feature ran into a glitch and Get Satisfaction chose to disable the tool until after they completed an upgrade.

I waited a number days before posting a question regarding the still broken Overheard feature. At some point, the company responded with an explanation saying they are aware of the problem but do not yet have a fix. Then, another representative announced the move to another server, which would provide for more resources. At this point, we were asked to wait a week.

Then on Friday, a Get Satisfaction employee posted an update to our problem and wrote that "We have fixed this in our code, and it will be available after our next deploy on Monday. Thanks for your patience! We also have some enhancements coming to the feature in coming weeks and months that should be very pleasing to all!"

As one who works in an Information Technology department, I know that things do not always go according to plan. Because of my experience, I find that I can be a little more patient about technology.

With that written, I just found out that Overheard is still not functioning. Thor Muller, an employee of Get Satisfaction, posted another update on the site this morning, "A fix was made on Friday and was scheduled for release last night. Unfortunately, we caught a bug that held us up from deploying. I'm trying to get this up ASAP!"

I wish the team at Get Satisfaction lots of luck and a speedy return of Overheard.

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