Thursday, May 27, 2010

Room 3026 Live: How Could Facebook Been More Clear?

On today's episode of "Room 3026 Live" we ask the question, "How could Facebook been more clear with its users about the privacy control changes?"

In addition, we also talk about the following:
  • Facebook's simplified privacy controls (43:40)
  • "Firefox Home" for the iPhone (48:00)
  • Yahoo! Mail delivers Facebook news feed (49:00)
  • Apple overtakes Microsoft (50:00)
  • Google enters the course management arena (51:00)
  • Foursquare finds a new partner in the state of Pennsylvania (52:20)
  • American Idol goes to MySpace (53:15)
  • American Idol announces a winner (54:30)
  • Triangle Tweetup @ Bronto (58:43)
Click on the icon below to hear the entire show.

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