Friday, November 26, 2010

Not In The Mood For Black Friday

My friends Marianne and Tim Arthur just finished writing blogs about Black Friday. Specifically, they talk about the opportunity for buying items at a discounted price. Marianne asked the question, "Are you going to or did you tackle the lines at any of the department stores or the Mall today?" Tim asked, "Do you have any tips for sharing time and money this time of year?"

To be perfectly honest, I do not look forward to shopping days. In fact, the very thought of waiting in line or fighting the crowds for items just seems crazy.

No, I like the idea of relaxing at home with the family. I enjoy the freedom of eating leftovers all weekend without the hassle of using my ninja techniques on aggravating shoppers.

What advice would I give someone facing the craziness in stores? I'd simply say it's probably best to shop online. Besides, one can comparison shop without wasting gas. With free shipping and handling, one can have all the benefits with no risk.

For those of you who really want to get out doors and shop, more power to you. Just make certain you bring your running shoes and pepper spray. Good luck! 

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