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Live Blogging #TSW2011: The Pitches

Once the ice breaker is over, I will use this post to capture the pitches presented at Triangle Startup Weekend.

There are 54 pitches planned this evening. Everyone will have three votes to pick the strongest pitches.

The Pitches
Ben - Swag App: 
Phone app and web site that allows kids to identify and locations for clothes.

Marci - Cheer Chatter:
Mobile app that will connect cheerleaders. It will allow them to chat, share upcoming events, upload videos and pictures.

Garrett - YoDisco.Me: 
Social networking site surrounding dance.

Craig - 
Connecting sellers with buyers through trusted connectors. Helps sales to happen faster.

Vincent - New Golden Age Pictures: 
New Gap provides the seed for pilot episodes of shows.

Nancy - 
Comprehensive site for advertisers and adventure travelers.

Donald - Look Back:
Curate data about personal history data.

Justin - LoyaltyQR: 
A checkin app that verifies the checkin's using QR code. Mobile app.

Todd - Hash House Harriers: 
iPhone app that is a game. One person is the hare and everyone else are hounds. Use the app to find the hare.

Mike - Language Exchange:
Social network that connects international students with American's to exchange visits.

Matthew - Hello Attorney:
An app that connects you to legal support. This includes documents and the like.

Brian - B2B Reviews:
Business who peer review other business owners.

Philip - Better Address Book:
Design an address book that is dynamic for the mobile device.

James - Marketing a new toothbrush:
A new toothbrush that cleans teeth better.

Shane - Jambuilder:
Web 2.0 tool that gets the message in front of every band member so that everyone gets to the right place at the right time.

Steve - Website Usability Feedback:
Helps website owners to connect with people who want to give reviews about a company's web site.

Bernard - the Social Value:
Buy a coupon, get a discount, and get money to make the world a better place. A piece of the money will go to help build wells and other worthy causes.

Juan - My security camera: 
Wireless camera to stream online to phone or computer.

Vance -
Web platform that allows college students to match up with experts who want to support nonprofit organizations.

JT - Cherokee Map:
Build a web site to help clean up sites.

Alex - Breakup Button:
Automates the process of breaking up with people across all sites. Sends a digital postcard.

Wayne - App Launch:
Help developers build communities around launching apps.

Anil - Place Mate:
A central place that allows users to leave reviews across a number of different services. Built on users, whom you trust, not on places.

Rod - Grand Canyon:
Connect those looking for jobs with job providers. This tool provide an auction for the opportunity for a job.

Ty - Prep Sports:
Allow schools, with no funding, to put scores and updates online.

Evan - Lawn Mowing iPad app - Baseball stadium:
A game that allows you to mow baseball grass on the iPad. Advertising would be on the walls. How fast can you cut the grass in a straight line.

Malaika - Reelyo:
Match people who need filmmaking stuff with those who have it.

Glenn - iEvent:
Mobile app and web site that helps to connect people to events.

Robert -  Psyc Aide:
A website that helps deliver medical records to doctors and patients.

Joseph - Call me when you get there:
A mobile app that helps get people to their destination.

Sam - Carpoolicious:
A new way to find carpools. Google Maps meet Connects people who have cars with those who want/need a ride. Roadtrips or daily carpoolers.

Morris - Friends helping friends:
Social mobile platform that helps you hire your friends to do jobs that you need around the house.

Andrew - 
Help find yards to Transform into gardens (urban farms).

Greg - Soup of the Day:
Help find restaurants that serve soups that you WANT to eat. You can checkin to restaurants.

William - Restaurant Management Tool:
Allow compare prices with other restaurants with what they are paying for supplies.

Kurtis - Nuke Warning: 
A tool that would predict nuclear explosions similar to what natural disasters can do.

Phillip -
Tap two NFC devices that would essentially merge with Square.

Sean - Fitquest:
Fitness based RPG game. Takes fitness levels during that week to determine scores. Connect with other people. What's going on in your area.

Steven - mdid3 hosting: 
Content management for the classroom on architecture.

Adam - Didya:
Calendar management app that will help you stay on time and on location. Reminder app!

Michael - College Ops:
Small businesses don't have enough time or money. Website that connects college kids with local businesses growing their local business.

Wendy - Do the Data: 
Special education spends two times as long to teach students. The application would help teachers teach and students learn.

Scott - 
Help people plan dates (babysitters, concert tickets, etc.). Automates the process of organizing the night out. Set prices and types of foods.

Mark - travel hacker:
Subscription based business that teaches people how to travel.

Katie - Startup voter:
Startup speculation site that allows startups to post their idea. People can then cut up their money to help business grow. Later turn it into a game.

Trinity - Dealer companion:
Social car buying. Dealers to manage their clients. Users can post pictures and prices. Dealers will fight for buyers. Friends can join in.

Daniel - Knackeo:
Connects teachers and learners together. Want to learn how to code, cut the grass, or couponing? This site would help connect them.

Joe - LegalEZ:
A browser extension that would help users to accept or reject web site disclaimers based upon their own wants.

Taylor - Fanbase:
Foursquare for fans. Rewards points for checking into concerts. Track how good of a fan.

Carl - Artsperfect:
App that helps artist sell their art.

Roger - SocialVert:
App that helps discover events and deals based on local social stream

Chris - AppShare:
App that shares those favorite apps on your phone with friends.

Jake - Ukist:
Facebook App that helps you tag people that you kissed. How good of a kisser are they? How would you describe the kiss?

Chris - NDA Registration:
Freely register your non-discloure agreement and send an email that would tell you when you're getting ripped off.

With all the pitches now complete, users will walk around and use three votes to support favorite ideas.

Winning Ideas for Round One
These are the winning ideas based on votes. This does not mean the remaining ideas are dead in the water. Ideas need to be sold. For the winning ideas, teams are being developed. Moving forward, teams will work together to develop their product and business plan.

  1. Ben - Swag App
  2. Marci - Cheer Chatter
  3. Garrett - YoDisco.Me
  4. Craig -
  5. Justin - LoyaltyQR
  6. Todd - Has House Harriers
  7. Bernard - The Social Button
  8. Anil - Place Mate
  9. Evan - Lawn  mowing iPad App
  10. Sam - Carpoolicious
  11. Morris - Friends helping friends
  12. Andrew -
  13. William - Restaurant Management Tool
  14. Phillip -
  15. Wendy - Do the Data
  16. Scott -
  17. Mark - Travel Hacker
  18. Daniel - Knackeo
  19. Joe - LegalEZ
  20. Jake - Ukist
View of Teams Working Together
Here are a few pictures of teams immediately following the announcement of ideas. The building is open until 2 am. Participants are asked to return early tomorrow morning and continue where they left off. Mentors will move between teams to offer guidance, where applicable. 


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