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Live Blogging #TSW2011: Final Presentations, Judging, and Awards

It has been a long and grueling 54 hours for the participants of Triangle Startup Weekend. In just 24 minutes, we will begin the final presentations and you can watch the live blogging right here on If you're interested in watching the live video feed, click here.

While you wait for the event to start, check out the photo gallery.

3:00 pm
Marci and Ben, the 11 year old entrepreneurs, walk on stage to make a presentation and begin the startup presentations.
3:02 pm
Instructions: Each team has 5 minutes to make their presentations followed by 3 minutes of questioning by the judges. 
3:06 pm
The presentations begin now... 
5:22 pm
Completion of all 18 presentations. The judges will now deliberate and calculate the overall scores.
Startup Presentations
The follow presentations will happening in this order. I will be updating as the information becomes available.
"Buying power through knowledge." The ability will include the ability to compare prices, consolidation of data related to food industry, and. market reports for the restaurant.

The service will be subscription based and cost, on average, about $75 per week.

To restaurants, it will empower the restaurant owners to take advantage of the buying power.

How will it work: 
Take paper invoices and scan them. Use cloud computer for storage and retrieval. The owner will then be able to see what they paid for supplies and then look at what local owners are paying. Additionally, it will provide industry average prices for supplies.

Carpool Portal

Create a straight forward way to do carpools.

Similar to Travelocity, users would enter their details: when they seek to travel and the like. Once entered, other users can search based travel criteria.

Would work with corporate partners to begin. Follow Twitter account at @carpoolportal

Swag App

Benjamin Brown, the 11 year old entrepreneur, makes a presentation on a mobile app that helps tweens (11-14) find style and places to buy new clothes. By taking pictures of current clothes in the closet, the app will help kids match clothes with what they currently have.

Hash House Harriers

A social GPS game for the mobile phone. "A drinking club with a running problem."

The HARE (organizer) using their mobile phone, would check in and use an direction arrow. The hounds, using their mobile phones, would walk up the first check point on (Android or iPhone) and follow the clues. This is a walking/running activity.

This is a drinking game where the hare can leave a message to the hounds. There is a push notification that would tell other hounds where the "good" scent. Hares can use video, text, and other similar tools to communicate with hounds.

This app could also be useful in running groups.

As far as money is concerned, the price is free for players but $9.99 for developers.


The Breakup Button

Breaking up button is used to help make breaking up easier to do. It uses Facebook for validation. Once clicked, users would type in the person they wish to break up with partner (on Facebook) and it would update their wall. The breakup industry is 5.8 billion dollar industry.

Also working on a MakeUpButton, "Because it sucks to be alone."

The app is free but would be supported by advertising.


Find gardeners near you. The market includes home owners, renters, etc.

How does it work: Click on a button, once visited the site, to find local gardeners. Clicking on the button, it will show those who are willing to help.

The other button, for master gardeners, would allow them to create a profile.

Revenue shares include: kits, supplies, licensed widgets, and the like. A similar industry is FTE for flowers.

Saturday at 7

Men suck at planning dates. This new app will help men plan dates.

How does it work:
Needs a service that has authority to make decisions for users. Saturdayat7 is a service for $20 per month. Give basic info like where you live and babysitter information. Fully automated solutions is free.

The service will send an email to the user about scheduling a date. If not confirmed, it will not schedule. If yes, you have two options for a date.

The day of the date, you will get a reminder text. It will include a voice capable service via the phone that will remind you and suggestions for how to make it a better event.


App Launch

Creates landing pages for new apps in seconds. Review notifications, helps users find good apps, and share app links for your web sites.

How it works:
Put in your app URL and it will create the landing page will look like. There are a number of themes to choose form.

Business model:
Free for basic users. $20 for advanced users.

Creator: Wayne Sutton


The company would sell framed art for the office. Using an application, art can be added to a room. There would be drag and drop functionality so that users can add art and move it around the room. Users can zoom in for better view, change the frame color, and the like.

Market: Interior decorators, corporate art buyers, etc.

Seeking seed funders.

The Social Value

The daily deal market, which is similar to Groupon. We are solving world problems one coupon at a time. Create wells in another country based on a purchase here.

Also has a mobile website at Feeding four mouths in central north carolina. 

How do we get customers? Word of mouth and viral methods on Twitter and Facebook.

Essentially, it would tie a cause to a coupon. Tobacco Road Sports Cafe for $15 of food, you will get a $3 savings and $4 would go to a local food bank.

There is 50/50 split between merchant and the company.

Not always a charity, but it could be for a social cause. 



After a trip, wanted a way to save the memories. Building a blog takes a lot of work. Use Spotlisted to create a list named "My Trips to Paris." Will use actual reviews made while during the trip. 

Add pictures and comments about the trip. This would be built for family and friends. Once created, can share on Facebook.

Six months later, a friend can go to and search for "Paris" and find all friends' travel review. In the future, would like to tie in Yelp and other tools. 

The business model includes advertising. Ads are targeted and based on social recommendations. 

New Golden Age Pictures

The problem: YouTube needs high quality content. The problem: Good content needs a home.

How does it work:
The GAP provides the seed for a new pilot (television episode). This provides all the tools necessary.

There is a video player, much like YouTube.

How do we make money?
Advertising and strategic partnerships.

Local Punches

Mobile punch cards for the mobile app. The problem is that merchants don't have a way to know who is coming to their stores and spending money. For the customer the card is on their mobile phone.

$24 per month for up to 200 customers. $35/ mo 201 to 500.

Going to market: recent Groupon deals and current punch card merchants.

Travel Wi$e

An automated trip planning service. Travel training program.

Trip planner demo:


How it works:
Visit the web site, click on "New Trip," and then you pick a destination. Once that is selected, users will receive a to-do list of things to do.

Target audience:
Travel veterans and newbies.


This service is for those individuals who would like to make some extra money by teaching people how to do things. Things like building a web site, learning to tango, or change oil in the car. This site connects teachers to students.

How it works:
Will start with local schools and students in the area (RTP). Revenue comes in from a fee from teachers. Revenue also comes from advertising.

Cheer Chatter

A service focused on Cheer Chatter. Upcoming releases: Cheer Camp (June 6) and Cheer Chatter Central (June 10).

A social network for cheerleaders, cheer moms, and cheer coaches. The web and mobile app will provide places for videos, pictures, and communication.

The plan for making money includes advertising.

Do the Data

Do the Data helps teachers. Helps organize and track assessments for students.

Data tracking is required by federal regulation. Current methods are messy and time consuming. Teachers need some way to make this easy.

Do the Data is a software solution for teachers, administrators, and families. or

A service that helps salesman connect with those potential clients. The biggest problem with B2B is finding and getting connect to clients. How is this different than LinkedIn? The company controls the quality of connections.

Final Results & Awards
After 18 presentations, below are the final results.

1st Place: Yardsprout ($200 Credit on Amazon)

2nd Place: Do the Data
3rd Place: Knackeo

Honorable Mentions: The Breakup Button, The Social Value, and Spotlisted 


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