Saturday, August 17, 2013

WorldVentures 4-Minute Napkin Presentation

Speaker: Dave Watson
Event: Greensboro Regional Training Event (RTE)

The whole goal of the presentation is to help someone make a wise decision.

There three key pieces:

Column One

  • DT Membership
  • 700-800 trips a year
  • $69 cruise
  • $94 Las Vegas
  • $199 Cancun

If it were true that you could take a $69 cruise, did I capture your attention? What are we trying to do? We trying to close the gate and lead them to where we want them to go. We're just trying to get a positive affirmation. Who wouldn't want that lifestyle?

Column Two

  • Rovia
  • Travel website
  • Price Pledge
  • Rate Shrinker
  • Cost: $200 + $54/mo
  • Refer 4 pay no more
  • DreamTrips Rewards

The second column is about Rovia (technology). This is like saying that you own a travel website similar to Travelocity. How cool would it be to have that? Do you think that some people would want to hear about this?

How many times have people said, "Yes!" A whole bunch.

Ask a bunch of questions that lead to a "Yes!" That's pretty good isn't it?

Column Three

  • Business Model
  • Direct commission
  • Team commission
  • ___ many said, "Yes" turned into a 102,000 people
  • Residual income
  • BMW
  • Cost: 100 + 11/mo
  • Total cost: $356 + $66/mo

Pretty simple, right? I've seen a lot of things over the years. However, I've never seen anything in travel and definitely never a company that provides a product that costs less than any place else.

Dave asked, "Did you ever think that I could grow this thing into a 102,000 people from a town of only 72?"

For some people, this is unbelievable. Dave Watson uses this presentation all of the time on a Starbucks napkin, even one with coffee stains on them.

TIP: If you want to get stinking rich, you have to keep showing the presentation until it becomes natural. If you haven't reached your goal, keep going.


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