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WorldVentures Is Like The Matrix

Michael Marich talks with Greensboro, NC RTE attendees

Event: Greensboro Regional Training Event (August 2013)
Speaker: Michael Marich

In the beginning, Michael Marich didn't go to training. It took him 8 months before he actually went. The people on his team were ranking up before he was. He figured that the only difference between him and his team was that he wasn't going to training.

Mike's first Regional Training Event (RTE) was with Bethany Webster. From this training, he left with 6 people and then his team dramatically changed from there.

The four main events WorldVentures provides are: Momentum, United, Millionaire Boot Camp, and then A View from the Edge.

The one that moved him the most was A View from the Edge. It was life changing.

Michael explains that our job in WorldVentures is to "Help people that used to be blind to see."

Did you know that the Matrix is all about network marketing?

In the movie, Morpheus was looking for the "ONE." He believed that Neo was the ONE and that he would change everything.

Neo was invited at least four different times in the movie.

  1. Wake up NEO, follow the white rabbit.
  2. The second time was at the bar. 
  3. The third time was by a cell phone at work. 
  4. The fourth time, he is in a car and Trinity says that you've been down this road before. 
How many have given up after three calls? Hands go up all around the room.

Mike talks about David Pietsch who was invited 21 times before he joined.

How many people have a list? When do you take people off the list? Answer: Until they say, "Yes."

Dream Stealers
A great example of a time stealer is Agent Smith.

Morpheus presented to Neo and asked him to take the red or blue pill. Or, put another way, he was asked the question, "Are you in or are you out?"

Like Neo, we have to go through training. We have to get the information and belief into people's heads. These trainings include Super Saturdays, Regional Training Events, and Big Events. For Mike, it only took one event to change his life.

Cycle of MasteryThere are four things we can do:

  • Potential
  • Action
  • Results
  • Reinforces Belief
POTENTIAL leads to ACTION which leads to RESULTS which leads to REINFORCES BELIEF which leads back to POTENTIAL

Dave Watson, a very successful International Marketing Director (IMD), only sponsored 25 personals, but his team now has over 102,000 people.

Last night, we learned that WorldVentures isn't even out of the formulation stage, yet. Some say the company is in concentration, but we're not.

Pleasure vs. Pain
People do things for less pain. As a result, learn to use "pain and pleasure" instead of "pain and pleasure" using you.

The pain is watching someone that you know walk across the stage after they have joined a different team. The way you hand pleasure and pain will affect you life.

Handling Objections

  • No experience
  • Pyramid scheme
  • Not a sales person
  • Etc. 
People are going to quit. Will you remember the names of the people who quit? Mike doesn't. He only concentrates on the people who stay.

Who are your 5?
You're income is the average of the top five people you hang around. If you're the top of your group they will pull you down. You have to be at the bottom of the group. Find people to hang out with. Listen to people like Les Brown, Dave Ulloa, Johnny Wimbrey, Ed Blunt, and Dave Watson. Make them your friends by listening to their audio.

Where else can you find those types of people? Find people at events like the RTE and big events.

"Without a strong why you will quit." Find out what your "Why" is.

"You can have excuses, you can have results, but you cannot have both."


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