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Why I'm Accepting the 120 Days To Director Challenge In WorldVentures

By now, many people know that I'm currently working on my health. It's all in a blog post I wrote about a 12 week video transformation with Kris Gethin. This entry won't talk much about working out or losing weight. Instead, this article will talk about changing my financial future.

It All Started May 2012

My frat brother, Lee Morgan, introduced me to a concept that has changed my life. I'm sure a lot of people say those kinds of things, but for me, it's true.

It was during a fraternity meeting that Lee introduced WorldVentures to me. He wasn't exactly showing ME, but I happened to overhear the presentation from afar. Truth be told, Lee tried to show me a year before, but I wasn't having it. I mean, it's Network Marketing. That's like a no-no in my book.

Everything sounded pretty great, but I wasn't ready to make any kind of decision that day. Instead, I did what any rational person would do, I Google'd it.

As I expected, there were good things and then there were bad things. I checked out the company, read up on the founders, watched a number of videos, and then signed myself up. Lee didn't even know I did it. That was until I called him and said, "Yo, I'm on the team, Bruh!"

Clearly, he was pleased with my decision and I was totally excited about getting started. What do I do? What's the next step?

In return, Lee provided all of the necessary materials, instructions, and tips. I just ran with it.

As I have come to understand about Network Marketing, there are a lot of people who felt like I felt. I was adamantly against it because of the negative connotations. You know, the normal stuff: It's a scam, it's a pyramid scheme, and get all of your friends and family to join.

I'm Not A Sales Person!

"I'm not a salesperson." I told myself.

Here is the cold hard truth, I was struggling and needed the money. While I make a great salary, the most I've ever made at any job, I was looking for something that would supplement my income. The problem was this, "I didn't have a lot of extra time on my hands." With a full-time job, a dissertation to write, a family to see, and a body to shape, when would I ever find the time to work a second job?

Answer: I didn't.

This is where WorldVentures really came to the rescue. With only a few hours a day, I could begin a business that would potentially add to my income each and every month. I mean, with student loans and kid activities, I just needed something extra to help out. This company was a perfect fit.

Despite my previously failed experience with Network Marketing, (cough) Amway, I found success pretty early. In fact, without even knowing it, I earned my "Wings" in just a few days. Days later, I earned a free membership, free business system, got all my initial money back, and then earned a couple of hundred dollars more. Wow!

If I can do that in a week, what could I do in two? I thought.

Over the coming weeks and months, I just followed the game plan laid out for me by my mentor. You know what? It worked.

By my tenth month, my team and I built a sizable network that afforded me the rank of Senior Representative (Senior Rep for short). With that rank came residual income. That means I would receive a monthly check each and every month. I was thrilled.

Looking back over the ten months, I can tell you that I worked hard for it. Despite my initial hesitations about Network Marketing and the fear of how people would look at me for doing it, I realized that it was my shot. It was my way out. If I was going to take care of my kids and set up a solid financial future, this company was the answer and I knew it. What other solution did I have? Not many.

Don't get it twisted, Senior Rep wasn't retirement money, but it was residual.

You Deserve What You Earn

Once I earned the rank of Senior Rep, I grew comfortable. I remember a good friend warned me against it, but I didn't listen. He said, "Congratulations on this huge achievement, but don't stop here. Keep doing what you were doing to get here in the first place." I nodded as if to agree. I mean, I did agree.

Unfortunately, I didn't follow the advice all that well and my network started going backwards. Wait! Stop! Hold Up! I thought. But, honestly, I didn't deserve to keep it. How could I ever expect to keep it alive when I wasn't feeding it, watering it, or tending to its needs? Simply put, I went into management mode and that's not good.

As a result of my poor decisions, I lost my residual income and my previous rank. In fact, I sat here and watched my personal referrals drop off like leaves in the fall. It took the air out of me and it was my own fault.

For months, I dibble dabbled and really didn't put in the quality of work that I use to apply. I grew sensitive and content with the way things were. I wasn't happy with my progress, but I didn't change either.

Follow The Leadership

Then, I took a huge leap of faith. In the face of financial challenges, which I deserved, and fear of the unknown, I flew down to Dallas, Texas to attend the View from the Edge and it changed my life. No, not the event itself. I mean, it was great and all, but it was the walking on faith that changed me. See, the kind of person that I needed to be in order to face my fears and do it anyway was the person that I needed to become.

You will never have the things in life that you want until you're willing to change and do the things necessary to have them. For me, it means becoming the person who deserves to have what my heart desires. For this to happen, I needed to let go and simply follow the leadership.

If I want what the leaders have, then I need to do what the leaders do. I cannot accept the advice or opinions from people who do not have what I want. That is the fastest way to end up where they are.

This leads me to where I am today. Thanks to the successful progress that I'm making with the body transformation, I realized that all I really needed to do was to follow the plan. It worked before and it will work again.

We all fall down, but it's the one who gets up one more time than he's down that will succeed in life. That's me. I'm like Rocky Balboa. I won't stay down for long.

120 Days to Director

So, here's the plan. You know that I had to have a plan. I'm green for crying out loud!

Similar to my 12 week body transformation, I am going to start my 120 Days to Director Challenge.

Over the next 4 months, I am going to follow the 9 Core Commitments, as outlined below.

Commitment #1 - The Game Plan Session

For every new representative that joins my team, I am going to personally conduct a game planning session within the first 24-48 hours. This will ensure that they get started the right way.

Commitment #2 - Two Exposures Every Day

For each of the 120 days in this challenge, I am going to personally expose two people to the company and its awesome product offerings. By day 120, I should have reached out and touched at least 240 people.

Commitment #3 - Attend A Weekly Live Event

There is nothing more exciting and motivating that being around the team. I commit to attend a least one live event per week.

Commitment #4 - Plug Into The Fast Start Training Classes

For all new representatives, I will get them plugged into the Fast Start Training Class. This can be done online or in-person, but definitely a must do.

Commitment #5 - Attend Monthly Super Saturday and Regional Training Events

Both events are AMAZING and not something I ever plan on missing.

Commitment #6 - Attend the National Events

There are four main events each year. I always get something new and exciting from these events. Not to mention the building of friendships.

Commitment #7 - Commit to Personal Development

Each day, I will commit to reading at least 10 pages of personal development book and 15 minutes of an uplifting/training audio.

Commitment #8 - Have a Workout Partner

Currently, my frat brother and I are holding each other accountable to doing what we said that we would do. Either way, I will maintain an active workout partner.

Commitment #9 - Be Here A Year from Now (Doing 1-9)

With a year already under my belt, ten vacations, and two more already booked, I'm not going anywhere. With that said, I will be here.

Additional Thoughts

In addition to the 9 Core Commitments, I will also be using the WorldVentures' Focus Board to help track my progress toward Director. 

Similar to my weekly body transformation updates, I'd like to also share updates on how this challenge is going. What are my successes and failures? What lessons did I learn and how will I apply it moving forward? What books and audios am I listening to? 

For those marketing representatives that want to join me on this journey, please feel free. For those not already associated with WorldVentures, but interested in learning more about the product or business, please follow the Fun & Money Club links on the blog and then let's talk. I would love to work with you personally and help build this thing together. 

In the end, I'm not about selling or convincing anyone of anything. I'm simply looking for people who want more fun, freedom, and fulfillment in their lives. In the beginning, I didn't know if I could do it, was reluctant about Network Marketing, and didn't have extra money to spare, but I did it anyway. I knew that the only way I'd ever achieve my goals was if I stepped out on faith and just did it. 

What's the worst that will happen? I thought. Shoot, I'd take some badly needed vacations, save money on stuff that I'm already doing, meet some amazing people, and just have more fun in my life. 

Knowing that in order to reach the highest ranks in this company, I would have to go all in for the next 3-5 years. Shoot, what's the alternative? Working for the next 20-30 years with no hope for generational wealth? No, I'm 100% in with WorldVentures and I'm going to make it to the top (multiple times). I'm just looking for those who want to go there with me.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it. 

Until next time...


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