Monday, April 27, 2015

Cousin Amy Eveskcige Becomes Superintendent of Chief Leschi Schools

Amy Eveskcige Superintendent of Chief Leschi Schools

Wow! My beautiful and very gifted cousin, Amy Eveskcige​, receives a write-up in the Tacoma News Tribune for her new position as the Superintendent of Chief Leschi Schools. This woman inspires me to be better.

To the best of my knowledge (cousin, keep me honest), she is the first one in my family to earn a doctoral degree. If not in the entire family, at least in the ones I know (big smile). I am so very proud of her and who she has become. Reading her story, I am amazed how much I didn't know. Having grown up around her and my other cousins, I didn't realize the struggles she went through. I can tell you this, she is a perfect example of the saying, "Your past doesn't define your future."

Congratulations, Amy! Keep achieving.

Read the entire article here and be inspired:


Photo by: Peter Haley - Tacoma News Tribute Staff photographer


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