Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Quantity Finds the Quality

Quantity finds the quality. ~ The 10X Rule​

In his book, The 10X Rule, Grant Cardone makes an argument that while quality is important, quantity leads to quality. In essence, to reach our goals, we have to be willing to apply more effort. Produce more, write more, create more, talk more, show more, lift more, run more, face your fears more...whatever it is, do it more...10 times more, in fact.

For many of us, Grant explains, we do just enough to get by...just enough to remain safe...but that's not enough. We have to go beyond our comfort zones. We have to do those things that others would express as "Crazy!"

If we want what is average and ordinary, then let's just continue to do just enough. However, if you want a life more EXTRAordinary, then it's time to put on the gas and do more than you've ever done.

Scared? Yeah, you should be. If you're not, then you're not going fast enough.

Let's go get what we came for, Champions!


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