Monday, December 21, 2009

I'm Stuck in DOC 733 Because The Dissertation Doesn't Write Itself

It has been a few weeks since I last completed DOC 733b at the University of Phoenix. At this point, I am still not ready to submit my proposal but I'm optimistic that I can finish before my one year-old daughter graduates from college.

What is the problem? You ask. For starters, the dissertation doesn't write itself. No, I actually tried leaving it alone for awhile. I thought that a little quiet time would help. Unfortunately, I realized the dissertation was in the same spot it was when I left it a couple of days earlier. I am a little disappointed in its progress.

Seriously, the dissertation is not an overnight task. It's not something you do in a weekend or even in a month. For me, the dissertation is turning out to be a long road of reading and writing. Sure, that is what one is supposed to do, right?

I know, I know. Set goals, tasks, and milestones to help move through this tedious process. Honestly, it sounds much easier than it is and I'm not complaining. I just wanted to spend a few minutes sharing with you the challenges I am now experiencing as I move through the final steps of this doctoral degree.

In one of my last entries on the dissertation, I may have introduced the issue of finances. As I understand it, the Federal Government has provided enough money for me to complete the final two courses. That would be DOC 733 and DOC 734. Upon completion, I would be eligible for graduation.

Unfortunately, to progress through DOC 733, the student (which is me) needs to successfully submit and receive approval for the proposal. In the same way, DOC 734 is complete once the dissertation is defended and signed. Until each one of those steps are complete, we keep taking the final two courses over and over again.

For those who have never watched the movie Groundhog Day, it tells the story of a man who repeats the same day, over and over again. In some ways, I feel similarly. I have this feeling that I am forever trapped in limbo where I am done with classes, but not done with the degree.

Fortunately, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I have some classmates who are moving right along and near the end of the first leg, submitting the proposal. If they can do it, so can I.

Well, that's really all I wanted to report at this time. Although, I'm curious to find if there are other people in this situation. If so, drop me a line and tell me your story. How do you feel? What keeps you moving? Let's chat in the comment section below.

Until next time...

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