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Putting Plans To 2011 Resolutions

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At the beginning of January 2011, I updated my new year resolutions to focus on four things: 
In this post, I will continue where I started and develop a plan for obtaining my 2011 goals.

Each day, I will do something to help advance closer to the target. Each week, I will review my progress and share it with you.

Planning For 2011
In the following section, I will list my four priorities, resolution description, timeline for completion, and the action items I plan to use.

Complete the Dissertation
This goal is a big one. Having completed all my required coursework in 2009, I need to close this chapter of my academic pursuit. Therefore, by the end of 2011, I resolve to finish all work necessary to write, submit, and defend the proposal and the related dissertation toward a successful completion of the D.B.A.

  • Complete chapter one (February)
  • Complete chapter two (April)
  • Complete chapter three (May)
  • Submit Proposal for IRB Approval (June)
  • Conduct Research (July)
  • Complete chapter four (September)
  • Complete chapter five (October)
  • Defend dissertation (November)
  • Register for 2012 graduation (December)
Action Items:
  • Write at least 600 words per day.
  • Meet with mentor at least once per week.  
Lower and maintain bodyfat between 6-9%
Having lost 30 lbs in 2010, I resolve to lose the remaining bodyfat in order to reach and maintain a healthy 6-9%.


  • Reach 17.5% body fat (February)
  • Reach 15.7% body fat (March)
  • Reach 13.7% body fat (April)
  • Reach 11.7% body fat (May)
  • Reach 9.4% body fat (June)
  • Reach 7.1% body fat (July)
Action Items:
  • Workout with weights and cardio at least 5 times per week
  • Manage meals by slow-carbs, low carbs, or calories
Increase Pageviews on to at least 100,000 
In 2010, I reached over 45,000 pageviews. In 2011, I resolve to meet or surpass 100,000 pageviews.

  • Reach 10,000 page views (January)
  • Reach 20,000 page views (February)
  • Reach 30,000 page views (March)
  • Reach 40,000 page views (April)
  • Reach 50,000 page views (May)
  • Reach 60,000 page views (June)
  • Reach 70,000 page views (July)
  • Reach 80,000 page views (August)
  • Reach 90,000 page views (September)
  • Reach 100,000 page views (October)
Action Items:
  • Write at least one blog per day
  • Encourage visitors to join mailing list
  • Send weekly update to list
Increase Total Listens of Room 3026 Live to at least 27,000
In 2010, the team successfully brought in over 10,000 listens. I resolve that by the end of 2011, Room 3026 Live will have at least 27,000 listens to the show.


  • Receive 2,250 listens (January)
  • Receive 5,000 listens (February)
  • Receive 7,250 listens (March)
  • Receive 10,000 listens (April)
  • Receive 12,250 listens (May)
  • Receive 15,000 listens (June)
  • Receive 17,250 listens (July)
  • Receive 20,000 listens (August)
  • Receive 22,250 listens (September)
  • Receive 25,000 listens (October)
  • Receive 27,250 listens (November)
Action Items:
  • Post pre/post show notes for every episode
  • Update episode description and title for every show on BlogTalkRadio 
The aforementioned timelines and action plans are broad strokes. This means that I can incorporate other action items to outperform my guiding numbers, which I plan to do.

So, have you finished constructing your plans for the year? How are things going so far? Any hiccups? Achievements? Let's talk about them in the comment section below.

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