Thursday, December 3, 2009

People Connector Series: Strategy for Staying Engaged With Others

Yesterday, I began a new series entitled, "People Connecter: Taking Notes to Build Stronger Relationships." In that article, I introduced a strategy that builds an information database on your contacts. Today, I would like to continue talking about becoming a people connector by focusing on an organization method to keep up with your friends, family, colleagues, and clients.

Engage With Contacts Often

Once you have developed a system to manage your contacts (see yesterday's blog for assistance), it is time to start using that information to engage with them. Connecting people with opportunities and resources does not happen by itself. Behind each "miracle" there is a responsible angel.

To be that angel, you need to initiate a conversation with people and listen for ways to be of assistance. If you find a friend is in need of a new job, car, or house, consider your contacts. Can you recall any friend or colleague offering a related service or deal? If so, make the connection.

Starting out, it may not seem like a simple task. Additionally, depending upon the number of people in your database, you may not be in the position to talk with everyone every day, but make an effort to connect with people as often as you can. Consider making a schedule on the calendar as a reminder.

Remember the Number Two
Anabel Barbosa, a friend building her Mary Kay business, recently instructed me on her stay-in-touch strategy. I think it is a pretty neat idea.

Upon the sale of an item, Anabel will place the receipt in a manila folder bearing a number. The number represents a day of the month. The strategy is to place the receipt in the folder representing a date two days from today. So, if she sold an item on the first of December, she will place the receipt in a folder bearing the number three.

On the third of December, she will open the folder with the number three and call everyone with a sales receipt. Upon completion, she will move the receipt from the third of December to the 17th of December, which is two weeks away.

On the 17th of December, Anabel will open her manila folder make calls to everyone with a sales receipt. After a successful call, she will move the receipt two months ahead. When that day comes, she makes another call.

From this point on, Ms. Barbosa keeps a two month cycle. Overall, I think this is a pretty cool system.

Closing Thought
Any scheduled call, e-mail, text message, or tweet, should never feel like a scheduled call. The process is just a way to remain organized. The interaction should always be genuine.

Reach out to people because you care for them, not out of obligation or selfish pursuits.

Discussion Questions
In the comment section below, let's talk.

  • What strategies do you use to remind yourself to call clients, friends, family, and colleagues?
  • What are the strengths/weaknesses of that strategy?
  • For those that haven't adopted a strategy, what are your thoughts?
Until next time...

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