Monday, June 13, 2011

BlogTalkRadio Releases New Virtual Broadcasting Studio

BlogTalkRadio, the service that powers Room 3026 Live, just announced the beta release of their new virtual broadcasting studio. According to their blog, hosts can explore and test the new tool before it is officially rolled out to everyone.

New features include:
  • A virtual broadcasting Studio with a great new look and feel that’s easier than ever to use
  • Enhanced switchboard and integrated audio management and chat features to help you better manage your show and engage your audience
  • Integrated promotional tools that enable you to simply promote your show and grow your audience
  • Improved audio upload and controls
  • Ability to view and edit your episode information directly from the Studio
From what I have seen so far, the update should make it easier to chat, promote, and engage with the audience. After today's show, I'm sure I'll have additional thoughts on the subject. Until then, why not login and check it out for yourself. 


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