Sunday, June 24, 2012

First Look: Holiday Inn Express in Burlington, NC

On June 23, 2012, I stayed at the Holiday Inn Express in Burlington, NC. My visit was geared toward fraternal business, but I took a few minutes to scope out the hotel room before dozing off to bed.

Overall, I enjoyed my stay. Although, there are a few gotcha's that you should be aware of. For starters, there was the sticking door. In this video, I totally bypassed the closed door, but you should know that it didn't open easily. In fact, I had to call two of my friends to help me open it.

After 15 minutes of playing with a door that was supposed to open, I finally figured out the trick. After sliding the card into the door lock, one has to push down on the handle so as to also move the door slightly. Like magic, the door opened.

The bed was comfortable and I enjoyed the interior design of the room. With nice wood and rock combinations, it felt more like a home than a hotel.

What I didn't like, besides the sticking door, were the eggs served for breakfast. Since I eat eggs on a daily basis, I found the product they served lacked authenticity. Was it really eggs or a "just-add-water" solution? Not very tasty or convincing.

One other complaint I had was an extremely slow network connection. While it worked fine on day one, the network failed to deliver consistently on day two. When asked if anything could be done about the nonexistent Internet service, I was advised to restart my computer. By the way, it didn't solve my problem. Thank goodness for a mobile hotspot.

At $89 per night, I enjoyed the comfort and style of the room, but the few shortcuts and poor maintenance quickly cheapened the experience. Would I recommend it to someone else? Sure, but I'd definitely explain how to get into the rooms using my handy technique.

P.S., the door issue was present on at least 2 other rooms on my floor (4th floor).


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