Saturday, June 16, 2012

Live Blogging World Ventures: A Real Transformational Journey

Speaker: Eric Allen

A look back at the past 26 months...

Eric has been in World Ventures for about 27 months now. At the time, he was chasing a division 1 basketball coaching position. After school, he sold drugs at a pharmaceutical company. Then, he taught high school for about 7 years.

Finally, he earned the coaching position, but wasn't making a lot of money. He said that he was making about $22,000 a year. So, he was open to new ideas.

He explained that he spent a lot of time and money coaching, but losing out on his family time. He started asking, "How can I get out of this?"

Eric began looking for other options. As a result, he started researching direct marketing. Mr. Allen found a company that he felt good about. When he got to the top of the company, just breaking over even, he got a telephone call from the executives telling him that they were changing directions. This meant his future was bleak.

After a serious thought, he decided to stay with network marketing. What he found was that 99% of the people from one company didn't automatically move over to his new business.

Eric remembered his friend Matt Morris and gave him a call. He explained how Matt told him about World Ventures. He felt that he had enough energy to do it one more time.

Matt told him that if Eric wasn't willing to attend the events, then he wasn't even going to sign him up.

Mr. Allen continues to share a series of photos covering his first Regional Training Event and first DreamTrip.

Eric shared his first Travel Party. During this time, a guy comes in drunk and screams..."Hey, this is one of those pyramid schemes." Then storms off. He kept his posture and signed up three people.

The story only gets better from there. Over the weeks that followed his team started to grow. He was able to get 20 people to the next Regional Training.

A Day In The Life

While he was building his business. He was lining up his appointments while his wife worked. Between raising the kids by day, he would show the business at night. 

As the leadership started to merge, he began spending more time in California. Another team started to grow during the Momentum event in Las Vegas. 

Then Eric talked about a guy in Singapore. Within three weeks, the guy brought in 100 people. 

Again, more growth was being realized on his team. Going back to Regional Training, he now had 40 people on his team that attended.

Eric shared a number of pictures related to his $69 cruise where they ate lobster and steak. He also showed a number of other DreamTrips and special events that he attended. One event was a bodybuilding competition. 

In 2012, Eric earned the 100,000 ring. This, he says, is a great marketing tool and recommended that everyone get one. 

Getting Back To Your Why?

For those that have kids, it's amazing how much of their lives we lose when trying to chase a dream. With this business, World Ventures is providing people with time and family. 

What is your "Why?"
If you learn anything from this day, remember that we all are doing the same things you are. Keep showing the video and change your future. 


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