Saturday, August 18, 2012

WorldVentures Regional Training: The Business Is A Process

Speaker: Brian Dunivant

The business is like baseball. Your job is to get people on first base (INVITE). Second base is to PRESENT (DVD). The third base is to ENROLL. Home is DUPLICATION (getting out there to invite, present, and enroll).

Brian uses a white sheet of paper to demonstrate the strength of a team. A single sheet is pretty thin. However, after you fold a paper fifty times it is strong enough to get you to the moon.

People's learning curve are different. Some people may just get it at first while others may not. Stick around until you do. The end result is duplication.

Brian has only sponsored 38 people. However, he now has over 6,000 people on his team. If everyone only worked 30 minutes this week, then it would take 17 weeks (without breaks) for ONE person to do some of the same work.

Game Plan Sessions

  • A confused mind is a frozen mind. If a person doesn't understand, he won't work.
  • People need some direction as to how to get started
  • Must be done with 24 hours (right after they join)
  • This is where you find out how coachable and teachable your new rep is
  • The goals is to get your people into ACTIVITY (making calls)
  • Your goal is to create master inviters
  • Expose Top 10 list ASAP
  • This is where 2 on 1's and Travel Parties are set up (do this for those top 10 people)
Step 1: Why did you join? What would you like to get out of WorldVentures? (Just listen)
Step 2: Let's start with making your money back? 6 = $570
Step 3: Let's make a list. Top 10 list (BEST 10). Our goal is to get at least 1 out 10. 
Step 4: Make the calls WITH your new rep (right now) -  This gives time for you to try and coach. With each call, they get better.

These steps are really about keeping in control of a new situation.

Question: If you cannot get someone to make a telephone call while you are WITH them, than what makes you think they will make the call without you there?

Remember: Set your goal long BEYOND where you want to be. Instead of thinking 10/10 or 30/30, think beyond that number so it will seem easy.

Brian can count on two hands how many people have been successful in his 6,000 representatives.

In the book, "The Slight Edge," the concept is to do something slightly above average to see above average results.

Presenter: Scott Ross

When we have any success, we need to celebrate that success. Let's talk about what we're doing right, not what we're doing wrong.

"We celebrate the discipline, not the results."

What's the one thing we could do consistently and get results? Inviting.


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