Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Pay attention, get excited, and never quit!

"Pay attention, get excited, and never quit!"

As leaders (and just good people in general), we often want the best for our teams, friends, and family. Unfortunately, we cannot make people see what we see, want what we want, or think like we think. Instead, we have to love them where they are today and let them make decisions for themselves.

With that written, don't let someone else's positon for their life, be your positon for you (unless you want what they have). As a leader, I encourage you to know your "why" in life and go after it with everything you have.

Don't look to motivate people to your cause, but rather find motivated people who want to go in same direction as you. Lock arms with those who support you, encourage you, and run with you until the end.

Do understand that you will find success, disappointment, gains, and losses throughout your journey, but don't let any of those things deter you from your path.

When you face those challenging moments where fear, uncertainty, abandonment, anger, or disappointment rear its ugly head, you look in the mirror, make a decision, and say...

I am a champion! I going to the top...I'm going to achieve my goals...I'm going to be the best me I can be...now, who is going with me?

From that moment on, you just run with the people that want to run with you, even if that means you have to run alone for a while.

Pay attention to your dreams and goals.

Get excited about reaching those new heights and developing into a better you.

Never Quit!

Today is a new day, Champions! Go get what you came for.



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