Thursday, December 23, 2010

Foursquare Lets Android Users Post Pictures And Comments

Earlier this week, we learned that Foursquare released an updated version of its popular mobile app. The enhancement allows iPhone users to post pictures and make comments on check-ins. Today, Android users get to join the fun with its own mobile app.

Interested in updating? Simply visit the Android Market and download the latest version today!

What Does It Look Like?
If you don't have time to download the new Foursquare app, let me show you around.

Looking at my friends recent activity, I notice two new icons. The first icon is a camera and the second is a comment bubble.

Clicking on the location, in my case Food Lion, I get to view the details screen. As shown in the above image, I have the option to post a photo or leave a comment.

Selecting the comment option, reveals this screen. Users are permitted to leave a comment up to 200 characters in length.

Selecting the photo option, I see this screen. I can either take a picture with my camera or use an existing photo from my gallery.

I also have an option to take a picture when checking-in to a new location. As seen in the image above, I have just selected the local airport. At this point, I can post a shout, take a photo, and share with friends on Twitter and Facebook.

When complete, this is what a photo and comment looks like on the details page for a check-in. 

Remember: Photos and comments shared on check-ins are only accessible to friends or on shared networks (Twitter or Facebook). Any picture or comment left in a tip is made public.

Final Thoughts
This update will do a lot to further engagement on Foursquare. Sharing pictures of meals, buildings, monuments, and local attractions are just a few ways to encourage exploration. With images, tips will quickly become more valuable in selling a to-do item. 

Providing comments on check-ins is also another engaging idea. Instead of merely viewing my friends' recent activities, I can now offer advice on what to do or see. I can also inform my friend that I'm in the area and willing to grab a cup of coffee.

While it has been a long time coming, I am very happy to finally see it in action. Good job, Foursquare!

Have you had an opportunity to download the latest Foursquare update? What do you think about it? How do you intend to use the new feature? Leave me a comment in the section below.  

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