Monday, December 20, 2010

Post Comments And Pictures To Foursquare

December always feels like an exciting month for me. It is filled with surprises, relaxation, and tons of fun memories.

In the world of technology, December 2010 is shaping up to be on track with my previous experiences. First, we get Angry Birds Seasons, then we learn about a web version of TweetDeck, and now Foursquare finally allows users to post images and comments. Hooray!

How Does It Work?
Here are the fast facts, as posted on the Foursquare Blog:

  • There is a new iPhone app, now available in the app store. The Android app will be available later this week, followed by an update to WebOS and Blackberry in January, 2011. 
  • Users can comment from the mobile app, web site, or via the Twitter and Facebook check-in link (see image above for example). Comments are only visible to your friends.
  • You can add photos to tips and check-ins. Although, photos shared on check-ins are available only to Foursquare friends and those who can see the check-in link. Tips and venues with photos are available to the world.
  • Photos taken and shared from the following partners will constitute a check-in: PicPlz, Foodspotting, and Instagram

I'm very pleased to see Foursquare taking the feedback of its users and applying them. As long as they continue to make these types of changes, the app will remain my main geolocation tool.

What I would LOVE to see happen (pulling out my wish list) is the ability to check-in from the web page. Similar to Facebook, the system should determine my location based upon the IP Address. This would ensure that I can check-in when my GPS fails to work correctly.

Another idea I wish Foursquare and Facebook would adopt is the shared check-in. Let's assume I use Foursquare to check-in, I should be able to share with Facebook's Places for a double check-in (using my best "Double Rainbow" voice).

What are your thoughts on these latest changes? What additional changes would you like to see? Leave me a comment in the section below.

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