Saturday, July 10, 2010

My Relative Disappeared On FountierVille, How Do I Get Them Back?

The popular Facebook game FrontierVille is about a character that explores the wild wild west and settles on a plot of land. One of the challenges, after building the homestead, is to get married and eventually have a child. At level 19, I have both a wife and a daughter. Unfortunately, a strange thing recently happened, my daughter disappeared.

At first, I allowed my natural parenting imagination to run wild. Did she get eaten by a bear, fox, or snake? Did she fall in the fire or drown in the lake? Did she head into town, run off and elope? Where could she be for goodness sake?

It was then that I learned a secret to bringing lost family members back home. Let me share it with you.

  1. Go to MY STUFF in the lower right hand corner of the screen. This icon looks like a backpack next to a gift box.

  2. Click on the FAMILY ALBUM in the upper right hand corner. This step allows you to select a particular family member.

  3. Use the blue arrow key to view pictures. Once the lost family member is identified, push the CUSTOMIZE button.

  4. Click the PLAY button. This will activate the lost relative.

  5. Using your mouse, command the lost relative to stand in an open place by clicking anywhere on the screen.
I hope this little tip was helpful. Is there anything else I can help you with?

UPDATE: Another, but more expensive, method for finding lost relatives is to purchase a dinner bell (5 horseshoes) or triangle (10 wood + 10,000 coins). When rung, both relatives and visiting neighbors will meet around the bell/triangle.

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