Friday, July 9, 2010

NFL Combine Challenge: 3-Cone Drill & 20-Yard Shuttle

The other day, I convinced my friend Michael Steele to come out and help me finish Kevin Levrone's NFL Combine Challenge. According to instructions provided, we are to time ourselves on seven drills and record our beginning statistics for future use. Then, after a series of exercises, we will come back near the end of this summer to test ourselves again. Will we be better, faster, and more agile than we are today? That's the question.

In the video below, I finish both the 3-cone drill and 20-yard shuttle. Overall, it was a blast to make. To view my other NFL Combine Challenge videos, follow these links: 225 lb bench pressvertical jumpbroad jump40-yard dash)

In the future, I may end up investing in a pair of cleats. With the grass sort of wet and slippery, it was difficult to really get into the dirt and turn corners. Enough excuses, enjoy the show!

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