Friday, March 9, 2012

Empire Avenue To Unveil New Design And Seeks To Become Your Social Media Rocket Fuel

Tonight, the folks at Empire Avenue are planning to announce their new and improved website design and user interface LIVE at SXSW. The event will be available online starting at 7 pm CST.

In an effort to whet your whistle, Mr. Michael Grills developed this teaser video (see below). It doesn't give you many details on what's to come, but it continues to push the Social Media Rocket Fuel: Expand, Engage, and Evaluate message.

If you're unable to view the video, click here.

What's New With Empire Avenue?

Many people have been asking, "What's going on with Empire Avenue (EA) tonight?" I admit, the details have been a little vague, but I think you will enjoy what the team has been working tirelessly to provide. In the following sections, I'd like to give you a quick look at what's behind the curtain. Are you ready?

Engage: Talk To Your Followers

Once you log into the website, the first place you end up is under a tab called, Engage.

The page immediately reminds me of the trendy service we call Pinterest. Built with square boxes, users can find their friend's latest updates from networks like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, WordPress, Instagram, Flickr, and more. 

Not only can users read updates, but they can also interact with them. As an example, Twitter users can retweet or reply directly within Empire Avenue. Replying is also available for Facebook updates.

What I do not see is a way to like or share; although, I imagine that feature is probably in the works.

Other notable features on the Engage tab include:
  • Recent mentions
  • Recent shareholders
  • Recent arrivals
  • Post shouts to Empire Avenue, Twitter, and Facebook

Expand: Get More Followers

The next tab, Expand, serves as a place to find new people. From this single page, you can see Recommended, Recent Arrivals, Site Wide Leaders (based on Share Price, Wealth, Portfolio Wealth, Dividend/Share, and more), Social Network Leaders, and EA Communities. 

Evaluate: Measure Your Success

The third tab, Evaluate, is where you can follow your social media score across the Internet. From Facebook to LinkedIn, users will see all of their pertinent information on a single page. In addition, it's easy to move from one network to the other.

Other Enhancements: Scoring Google+ and Missions

Another exciting enhancement in the new release involves the scoring of Google+. Yes, many of you have been asking for it, but now it will become a reality. In the image below, you can see the option available. Reports should start rolling out as early as next week.

One of the most popular additions to Empire Avenue was the Missions feature. Missions provide users with creative options to earn extra Eaves (e). Today, the company wants to actively encourage meaningful engagement through content and user-built missions. 

Final Thought and Free Gift

As I look back over the number of enhancements and features listed above, it's clear to me that the EA team is looking to be apart of our everyday lives. The company is working diligently to build an ecosystem where people can engage, follow, and evaluate their social media effort.

Is the new Empire Avenue an all-in-one solution? Not yet. Does it give influence-based sites like Klout a run for its money? You better believe it. Will it cause you to spend more time following and engaging with your friends? Absolutely!

In closing, I would like to congratulate the hard work and dedication the whole team invested into this new product. I think they did a fabulous job and even deserve a few hours of sleep before storming off toward the next big project.

When can users expect the new changes to roll out? According to my source within the company, new members can expect immediate access AFTER the announcement tonight. For existing users, the ability to "Opt-In" begins next week.

Finally, as a gift to my valued readers, I have been authorized to give the first 10 people to retweet this article FREE (and early) access to the new web site. Make sure you include @damondnollan in your message to get credit. 

In the comment section below, let me know what you think about the new Empire Avenue.

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